Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm in mission Coban (week 19)

as you can tell by my subject i’m in mission coban. yesterday was changes and i didn´t get one. this is going to be my 4th change in san jose and i am really excited. yea, this change decided what mission i am going to be in. wherever you are at the end of this change is where you are going to be when the mission splits. i am thrilled i am so happy. i’m sad that i am not going to be with president watts and hermana watts but thats ok because i am convinced i am in the coolest mission in all the world. my mission is straight jungle wherever i go. i am also happy i am getting a mission president that will be my mission president my entire mission. president watts is going to finish like 4 months before me so i wouldn’t have my exit interview with him and it would be with some other guy i barely know…so that is a plus also. yea, mission coban is dope. im serious, every area in the entire coban mission is better than the areas in the cap. the only negative is i really like pres watts and hermana watts. i also would have liked to know the cap at least for 1 change in my mission but that is a sacrifice that i am willing to make ha, ha. yea, so basically i am so freakin pumped. as far as being in my area again i’m happy but would have been fine to leave too. our area has nothing going for it right now…it’s really slow right now. we have a baptism not this saturday but the next but besides that its pretty dead. we don’t have anybody progressing right now. we have no problem finding people to teach but getting them to come to church or commit to a bàptism date is hard. por ejemplo, we have taught 40 new investigators this last month but none, i mean none, are progressing. everytime we find someone that is perfect they have work or school or something on sundays…its terrible. but the positive is that at least i am teaching people and people are learning more about our message. my comp and i are praying sooo hard right now to help our people progress or to find people who can progress. it’s a real trial of faith but that’s just part of the mission. we think we also need to try to get more references but we have hardly any members in our area too ha, ha. so pray for me and my comp so we can have success. the coolest thing that happened this week though is we had district conference and elder amado came. he is a 70 and he served with grandpa. hermana watts was telling me that its possible that her dad served with granpa too because he was a 70 and knew an elder call. i talked to her about that like 2 weeks ago and then sunday when i saw her she told me that her dad served with eran call as well and that he possibly served with elder amado too. so after the meeting sunday i bulldozed my way through everyone to ask him if he knew grandpa and he did. he said he served with grandpa and that he knew him really well. it was super cool and i felt like i immediately had a connection with him like we were good friends or something ha, ha, it was really funny. dad, ask your dad about elder amado and let me know what he says. that’s something i was like tripping out over…like that is so cool. the conference was really good by the way and elder amado is hilarious. he looks super serious, like he just wants to give everyone sincho, but he had everyone dying laughing like 15 times during the meeting ha, ha, it was so funny. i mean it was funny, the jokes i could understand, then the other times it was funny watching other people laugh ha, ha. as far as my spanish goes, i have a really good grip on it right now. they say learning a language is really hard at first then after a while you just start to feel it and you grow a ton. that’s what’s happening to me right now. i can understand dang near everything people are saying which is cool. its super helpful too because if i can understand them then i can learn grammar from the way that they speak and just copy what they are saying. im not perfect at spanish or anything but right now i am learning a ton and my spanish is getting a ton better. loving the mission right now and im thrilled about mission coban. love you all and hope you have a good week

pic 1 - fantastic picture of me and a crazy guy in my area. he is like a genius and he knows everything. well, that’s also the problem because he wont listen to what we have to offer. this is the guy that gave me mud to put on my face and said it would help. he also gives us massages for free and cracks whatever thing we want him to crack. he cracks our back, neck, ankles, and everything…its hilarious. he is also a genius with plants. he has an incredible garden and he makes his own compost and stuff. he has gringos staying at his house all of the time. they come to stay at his house and he teaches them how to plant and stuff and they give him money and food ha, ha, this guy is nuts. he grows coco in his garden and makes chocolate with it and i bought some ha, ha, it was really good. yea, so this guy is the man except he wont really accept our message.

pic 2 - me with a weird animal that wilmer and catorina caught out in the jungle

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