Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last week of the change (week 18)

loved getting your emails as always family. summer at the house is always the freakin best. i mean i cant think of a place i would rather be. pool, fire, ping pong, basketball, man that is the dream. im so grateful for you guys and for making that backyard fun. i have such good memories of that house and never living there again is going to be terrible…like you said its like a vacation. i can go snowboarding, go to the city, the beach...man don’t even get me started ha, ha, but man i'm sad i'm never going to live there again. well, it just means i have to study my butt off and get a good enough job so i can live in alamo.
yea, so the life in guat is well the same as last week i guess ha, ha. yea, but right now it is sooooo hot the street bubbles because it is so hot. that isn’t a joke either. like there really are bubbles in the street. i think i am used to the heat though which is the good thing. i mean, as used to it as i will ever be. i am just used to sweating always. when i sleep, when i sit, walk, run, or talk…all day i am sweating. to be honest though, i don’t really think about it that much anymore. it doesn’t really bother me anymore. its just in times like right now when i am thinking about it is when i really realize how ridiculous this heat really is ha, ha. as far as the work goes right now its slow. we have a baptism not this saturday but the next and, depending if i have a change or not, i might not be here. if i’m not here then that is fine too. all that matters is that i helped her get to the stage of baptism, i mean that is what really counts. so we teach her like one time a week and that’s all. as far as our other investigators right now they are really having a tuff time progressing. its soo easy to get investigators and to teach them but it is really hard to get them to come to church. people think that all churches lead to god and which church you go to doesn’t matter…it drives me nuts. yea, so its kind of hard to get people to change that attitude when people have been telling them that for all their life. the only thing that can change that thinking is the spirit. they have to recognize that it is the spirit touching them and not just emotion. anyway, so that is the story of our area right now. today was a zone activity and we played soccer in a stadium where the team for all of peten plays. the stadium is actually in our area so the entire zone came to our area. it was kind of funny because the missionaries could not believe how beautiful it is here. people were like, how do you not just get distracted and think you are on vacation…ha, ha, good question. yea, but that isn’t really a big deal to me. our area is really incredible and beautiful but i know why i am here so that has never been a problem. this is the last week of the change and i am really nervous. if i have a change then it will decide what mission i am in when we split. if i don’t have a change then there is a good chance that i am going to be in mission coban…but who knows man. i’m nervous though, because this change could possibly decide where i am for the rest of my mission…in the cap or outside in coban. yup, that is the letter for this week. love you guys and pray always. god really does listen and answer su prayers. love you all and think about you every day. with schools almost out i especially think about you all in our backyard loving life. man, i’m loving life too right now but in a little different way ha, ha. love you all and take care. Love, Elder Call
pic – 1 i burned a tie for my 6th month mark…that is the tradition around here for 6 months

oh ya thats right mom a week late but happy mothers day and read the writing in the pic. love you your the best

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