Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yo Yo (week 17)

hey, so it was freakin great talking to you guys last night and hearing your voices. you guys are the best. you really are and i am so happy for all of you and that you are all my family. tambien mom i am so happy you are my mom. i have no idea how i got so lucky to have you as my mom…either luck or i really knew what i was doing in heaven when i chose you to be my mom...if that is even how it works ha, ha. i just love you all so much and pray for you guys all the time.

yea, so today we didn´t have p day and to be honest i was a little disappointed. we had the opportunity to hear from a member of the quorum of seventy, elder martino, the president of the central america area. notice how i said in the line above i was a little disappointed. Yea, im not disappointed now at all…it was incredible. the part that really impacted me today was when he talked about the atonement. the spirit was just so strong and was testifying to me the truthfulness of it. in the first place its incredible that we can be forgiven of sins and comforted in times we need to be comforted. 2nd its so incredible what christ did for us. when he was in the garden of gethsemane he couldn´t prepare for what he was going to experience. there is no way to imagine the pain he was going to feel. he was willing to suffer and willing to bear it why? because of his love for each and every one of us. we cannot even think of the pain he went through there is no way to imagine it…its impossible. now think how he said to his father not my will but thine be done. in every aspect of jesus’s life he never, ever, ever, ever, thought about himself. think about what the natural man would do in challenges he faced. being treated like dirt all his life even though he was the savior and had the power to create worlds but he still just took it. he could have obliterated someone for talking bad about him, but nope, he never even thought that. after he was in the garden of gethsemene one of his trusted apostles betrayed him for money after he took on the sins of the world to save everyone. then one of his apostles cut the ear of the roman soldier trying to protect jesus. then what did he do? he did the opposite of the natural man and healed the guy who was going to take him prisoner. not to mention all jesus did was ask his apostles not to fall asleep and to stay awake while he was taking on the sins of the world. what did they do…they fell asleep. its so incredible and i have a hard time thinking how he could have so much love for us to be a perfect example and be perfectly obedient. its really just crazy and really, really, humbling. it doesn´t matter who you are you need jesus christ to be saved. just algo incredible and something i was thinking a lot about today. it was really cool hearing from an apostle and i would listen to him again instead of having a p day no questions asked. love all you guys and can´t wait to hear from you next week.
elder call

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