Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Almost Mothers Day (week 16)

hey family, loved hearing about your weekend and ben’s tough loss in the norcal finals. ben still has great hair though and that is arguably more important ha, ha. i still love thinking about the incredible weekend you guys had down in pebble that sounded like such a blast. so this week nothing really that crazy happened. we went to san pedro again this week but our luck wasn’t quite as good. we ended up walking like half the way there before we got a jalon. it was fun though but it was a really long walk. the work there was good. it was better then the last week and we have some investigators there now. they want to hear more about the gospel and are interested in it. we have a couple good families there that are interested in coming to church too. it’s just kind of hard because it is kind of far from the chapel. they are expressing interest though and that is what is important. also i think when the mission splits i think the new pres will put missionaries there and will try to really get the church started there. so the way i look at it is I’m just getting the church name out there so people know who we are. as far as our area goes it is kind of slow. the work is kind of slow right now is what i mean. the investigators that we have had in the past are not progressing at all so we are not visiting them that much or like we used to. this past week we spent a lot of the week trying to find new investigators and we do have some good potentials. we also have some really good families interested as well which is the best. this gospel is meant to be enjoyed as a family. just think about how it has blessed our lives and the blessings that are promised if we live faithful lives. we also have an investigator named delphina. we put a fecha with her for the 1st of this next month and that is like a for sure baptism so it will be nice to have another baptism coming up. her boyfriend is an ex missionary and he gave us the reference. they are getting married soon and so she wants to get baptized so she can get married in the temple. she knows the church is true which is awesome. she is great and i am really excited for her to follow christ’s example and be baptized. this church really is true and i am so grateful to be a part of it. i’m so grateful i can spend eternity with you guys if we live righteously. that is all i want and is the best blessing ever. i love you guys so much and can’t wait to hear from you next week as well. oh, and can’t wait to talk to you this weekend. love you all,
elder call

pic - a members moto ha, ha 

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