Monday, April 29, 2013

San Pedro (week 15)

family, i loved getting your letters. you guys are the absolute best and i can´t believe those pictures you sent me. how am i so blessed that monterey is only an hour and a half from our house? i’m not baggy at all but when i think about pebble beach and the family staying down there in a house overlooking the ocean and running big sur, yea, i’m going to get a little baggy ha, ha. baggy is a term we use out here that means you are ready to go home. but obviously, my head is in the work and i know why i am here. i’m just so happy that you guys had such an unbelievable weekend. and about ben’s hair, wow, it really does look good so he can be kinda cocky about it ha, ha.
ok, so the highlight of this week was going to san pedro. san pedro is another town that is in our area. its like 10 miles from where we live so we have to jalon to get there. oh, jalon means hitchhike. so one morning this week we decided to leave at like 8 in the morning for san pedro. we really wanted to go because the church doesn´t exist there and we have a dream of getting some members over there and making the church known over there. its super cool to think about this area because there is no church members there and missionaries haven’t been there in years because it is kinda a ways from our area. so we left really early in the morning for san pedro because we wanted to be back in the afternoon to teach all of our other investigators we have here in san jose. so we headed off for san pedro. you all know how much i like adventures and this was a total adventure. we either had to get a jalon or walk all the way there on this little road that runs through jungle. so we started walking to san pedro when after about 20 minutes of walking a school bus came our way. we desperately stuck out our thumbs and begged with our eyes for a jalon. luckily the bus stopped, but we were going up a little hill, so it had to stop on the hill. we hopped on the school bus and it was jam packed full of a bunch of petojos. i don´t know how to describe that word but its like little kids up to no good basically ha, ha. as soon as we hopped on the bus i knew we had made a mistake because all of a sudden the kids started chanting mormones, mormones, mormones. ha, ha, it was so funny i was dying. they were throwing stuff at us and the bus hadn’t even moved yet. the reason it hadn´t moved was because the bus couldn´t get up the hill because it didn´t have enough power once it stopped for us. so we had all of the kids mad at us and making fun of us and the driver swearing at us because he couldn’t make it up the hill. the next thing i know the driver starts yelling at all the kids and we all get out of the bus and start walking up the hill to drop some weight off the bus. ha, ha, we made it to the top of the hill and luckily the bus driver let us back on the bus and we headed on our way to san pedro with the all the kids still yelling and swearing at us. seriously, it was so funny but i had heard enough so we started talking to their teacher and we gave her a book of mormon. it was so funny because i turned around and yelled arrepientase to the kids and then I yelled gente iniquo arrepientase y lea el libro de mormon! i was dying ha, ha, it was so funny but i was kinda serious but they all were dying laughing ha, ha, it really was soooo funny. ha, ha, so we got to san pedro about 9:30 in the morning and we start contacting houses and talking to people. We gave out bom’s and pamphlets about our lessons. its a super cool little town and the people are really nice. we were there for about 3 hours and then we decided to leave to get back to our area. we joloned back to our house and got a ride with a teinda supply truck. they just put us in the back of their truck and closed the doors. kinda sketch but we made it back to our area safe and then they let us out. it was such an adventure and we want to go back 1 or 2 times a week to try to get some investigatores. so that was really fun and the highlight of the week. that is about all i have time for family. i can´t wait to hear from you all next week. remember to read the scriptures and to pray. love you all so much and enjoy the weather in cali ha, ha because it is hot as hell over here. i don´t think that is bad to say because in the scriptures it says “lake of fire and brimstone” so i can assume that hell is pretty hot ha, ha. love you all and miss you. oh freak, i forgot to tell you, i have a tarantula living in our house that i’m so freaking scared about. the other day we also found a scorpion in our house. there is a rumor that if you put a circle of fire around the scorpion it will sting itself in the head until it dies. so of course, i had to try it to see if the rumor is true. so i flicked the scorpion on the ground, got some hand sanitizer, made a circle with it around the scorpion, and then i lit it on fire. when i lit the hand sanitizer on fire the scorpion stung itself in the head and ran into the fire and died. so the mission rumor is true and i have a video to prove it. yes, as i’m sure you’re imagining, i was running around screaming like a girl because i was so scared to light the circle on fire because to light it my hand had to be about 3 inches from the scorpion…but it was worth it ha, ha. love you all
elder call

This is me in my area 

This is me in san pedro on the beach…its such a temptation to swim ha, ha 

This is me in san pedro

the scorpian way up high on our wall up there a torantula lives also

hitchhiking in the back of the truck from san pedro to san joe

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