Thursday, April 4, 2013

Time is Flying (week 11)

i’ll start off as always by saying i loved your letters. dad, its always good to hear about the sports world…thanks for sending me that stuff because now i have something enertaining to talk about with the other gringos. 6 flags this week 3 times are you kidding me that sounds like a total blast. i seriously feel like crying thinking about ben and ella running off and onto all the roller coasters. families are the best and my family means everything to me. nothing else matters to me but the church and my family. ha, ha, but i was also dying laughing thinking about charlie and what a wuss that kid is…oh, that’s mean…ha, ha. but yea and charlie going on all the rides at the theme park. how does that kid not slide out of all of the things that hold you in on the rides? ha, ha that is really funny but i actually kind of have a hard time believing it ha, ha. thanks for the pictures mom. if you have time try to send some every week. i love seeing the pics of the fam and loved seeing my city by the bay. i know i have said it a bunch of times but i absolutely love that city. as for as my week…well it was hot as nam over here in peten! i didn’t even know that it was easter yesterday. the gente here do something called semana santa which is a catholic holiday for the death and resurrection of christ…its holy week. so for this semana santa everybody went to the playa in san jose. san jose was cracking. there were parades, fireworks, dances, and it was crazy. there was like a million people in the lake. we did a lot of good contacting but everybody we talked to wasn’t from san jose so we didn’t have that much success. the best thing that happened this week though is we got 2 more fechas. a guy named juan carlos…this guy is flawless. he has probably 30 years and wants us to teach his wife as well so they can get baptized together. we are also going to give the aaronic priesthood to wilmer...he’s the last baptism that we had. so after he gets the priesthood he can baptize his son the next week since this saturday is general conference. what the freak? is that not the most beautiful thing you have ever heard. 2 months ago these guys were not married and didn’t have the gospel and now they are married and baptized and now the dad is going to baptize his son…i feel like crying thinking about it. the gospel really does bless families. they are now preparing to go to the temple. they have to wait a year but still 1 year strong and they can be together for all of eternity. i can’t think of anything better. our other fecha that we have right now is with a girl that is 23 years old. she has 4 younger siblings that she takes care of because her mother died and the father lives in the states and abandoned them. this girl is incredible. she is struggling with her faith a little bit but i have faith god will answer her prayers and she will pull through with her baptism. if she gets baptized the rest of her family will hopefully follow her example. i love that family and they are all so close because the only thing they have in this world is their family. she has some doubts but nothing a little instruction, reading, and prayer can’t fix. overall all it was a good week. i also did divisions this week with the zone leader, elder vestel, who is like my best friend here. it was dope having such a good friend as my comp for the day. that was really good and i learned a lot because he has a lot of experience. he only has 2 months left in the mission. that was really fun though and we had a really good first lesson with some dude we contacted on the street. we taught him about the book of mormon and he said he would read it and pray about jose smith. that was super cool and the spirit was incredibly strong. i think i have said it before but its super great having the spirit and feeling the spirit all day. i went all of high school feeling the spirit like 1 time ha, ha, but its such a blessing and we should strive to have it with us and be worthy to have it with us at all times. something else i would like to suggest to you guys that i have started doing 1 time a week is on Sunday when you say your prayers at night simply name off everything that you are thankful for…i mean everything. i pray for like 30 mins when i do this on sunday and my comp always thinks i have fallen asleep ha, ha but i’m not asleep i’m praying and thanking. i just think about everything i could possibly be thankful for and thank my father in heaven and that’s all. i don’t ask for anything i just say what i am grateful for and that’s it. from my experience of doing this i’ve felt more grateful the whole week for the blessings i have. god knows what we want and what we need so even though for one day we’re not asking for things we need i’m sure god will still bless us for what we need and/or want. i really recommend trying this because it is great and it really humbles me to think about all of the thing god has blessed me with. well, that’s about all i have for you this week. i hope all is well and i love you all. elder call

 i got these sweet scripture cases made. one is leather and the other is sweet ha, ha i am really excited about them. it took the guy like 6 weeks to make the croc one because when i ordered it he had just gotten the skin and he had to dry and stain it. but i think it turned out dope and was well worth the wait.

me sitting on the ledge of a members house at the top overlooking the beach and all the people down on the playa for semana santa. one night when i was lying in bed i heard all these booms and i looked out the window and i could see all of the fireworks they were setting of on the beach…it was super dope ha, ha.

 vestel and i today. we had a zone activity and went up into the jungle and crossed these huge swinging bridges that are like 200 feet above the ground…it was super fun. 
that’s all i have for this week…love you all and miss you and remember to always say your prayers.

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