Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Guat (week 12)

i loved getting your letters this week, they were so great. i loved hearing about the healthy cookies mom made...that was so funny. i loved hearing that you all liked general conference as well. i love getting your letters and i always laugh so hard when reading them that the people here think i’m mental. i can’t help myself, you guys are just so funny. so this week as far as teaching goes it was good. nothing i can remember this week that was really out of the ordinary. general conference was really good though but a little frustrating at times. we watched the first saturday session on an iphone 5 so we could watch it in english. we watched the second session in english also. the priesthood session was the part that was frustrating because the sacerdocio session isn’t on so you have to have a link to get to it. so we starting asking the presidency to help us get the link and they would not help us. they had like 1 hour to have somebody send it to them and they just wouldn’t try. so that was what was frustrating. i watched it in spanish which was good. i could understand it or at least understand what they were talking about but because i was so focused on what they were saying i couldn’t listen to the spirit. so i feel like i kind of got jipped and only got half out of conference…at least the priesthood session. from what i listened to though it was really great. saturday night we slept at the zl’s house so we didn’t have to take a bus back to our house and then get up early sunday morning and take a bus right back to san bonito where the rest of our zone is. holy cow, that was a ruff night. i slept on a little cot and probably got like 3 hours of sleep all night. i woke up the next morning feeling a little sick. i felt sick but nothing i couldn’t handle. we watched the sunday sessions in english too but it took a ton of effort to do it. we needed a computer and speakers to watch it and once again the presidency did nothing to help us so we were forced to run around for like 45 minutes trying to find someone who had a laptop so we could watch it. i’m in guat though so it’s like nobody has computers. that was super stressful though because listening to it in spanish is just not the same. we got it all figured out and ended up borrowing somebody’s phone for internet for the laptop and then somebody else’s speakers from their house. ha, ha crazy but overall it was funny and conference was really great. the 10 hours of conference didn´t even seem that long and i really enjoyed all of it. after the second session of sunday conference though i hit a wall. i had no energy and i felt like a zombie. my skin was aching and i had a blistering headache. we took the bus home and when i got out of the bus at my house i just about collapsed on the ground. i could barely walk. i have never been so sick. i went inside and went to my bed immediately. this was at like 6. i laid in my bed until ten with the worst cold sweats and headache ever. i thought i was dying really. i thought i had a crazy guat disease from like a chicken or a mosquito or something ha, ha. i’m serious though, i can’t ever remember being that sick my entire life. we called the mission nurse and she told me what to do to help the pain which was basically to take tylenol. my comp said he thought i was going to die and that he had never felt somebody’s face be so hot. at ten and without hope i asked my comp for a blessing. he gave me a great blessing. after the blessing i said a personal prayer begging god to heal me so i could carry out his work. i remember saying i don’t care if i am dying ha, ha or if i can’t think because my head hurts so bad just please give me the energy to walk from one investigators house to the next. i have never prayed with so much faith in my life. i don´t know why my faith was so strong in that moment but it was and i remember thinking if god wants me to feel better he will cure me. there was no doubt in my mind. i had spent 4 hours trying to sleep but couldn’t and after the blessing and prayer i fell asleep probably 10 mins later. i woke up this morning healthy….just my normal healthy self ha, ha. that was a serious faith builder because being as sick as i was last night there is no way i should have felt better when i woke up this morning. it was a complete answer to my prayers. the reason it was so cool to me is because i know god answers prayers but i can’t remember ever praying just once with that amount of faith and getting such a plain answer the next day. so mom, no need to worry i am fine and healthy. the lord and his angels are watching over me as i KNOW they are watching over you and especially ben going through high school. i know there is a band of angeles watching over ben in high school just as there was watching over me when i was in high school. make sure ben knows that he is never alone. he has a family that loves him and an extended family that loves him as well. i have met people here who have never felt loved. not only does ben have our family but he also has all of our cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents cheering him on and they have his back…that right there is like 60 people, and tell ben to not forget about god the father and his son, jesus christ and all of the angels in heaven that are behind him as well. i know they are all behind ben like they are behind me here in guat. family, never ever forget to pray personally and as family. it’s just like we heard in conference, if satan gets a hold of the family he has won the battle. pray always and make sure christ stays in the center of your lives and the center of the home always. i love you all and i know god always wants to hear from us and he will answer our prayers in his own time.
love you all!
elder call

 me with a little chick

 me with mud all over my face. i had some new investigator of mine convince me that it was a good idea to put mud on my face because it is good for my skin…crazy how i would never do this but in guat.

my investigator that convinced me to put mud on my face. this is him like 50 feet in the air trying to get us some coconuts

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