Wednesday, March 27, 2013

i cant believe another week is gone (week 10)

wow, so i absolutely loved getting your letters today as always. i love hearing about the family. mom, please send me some pics of the family because i really want to see them. it seems like ella is turning out to be a really good tennis player. i just hope she doesn’t turn out like andre agassi…too much tennis made that guy a nut. that’s so great ella found a sport that she is great at and i am assuming she really loves it. ben…i freaking get the chills when i think about that kid driving. how the freak is that kid almost 16? mom, remember my drivers license experience in oakland? ha, ha, what a memory, we were the only white people in there with all of the gangsters throwing up gang signs ha, ha, so sketchy what the heck was i thinking going to oakland dmv ha, ha. i worry about ben in rugby too. i worry about all of you all of the time…it is really funny. like i never did worry in the past but right now i just like get scared thinking about ben in rugby and driving…i admit i’m a wuss. speaking of me being a wuss, you know how i am one of those people that whenever they hear about a sickness or disease they think they have it. well, i have that and it has gotten worse in guat. i’m perfectly heathly but i always think i am going to get a brain worm or some freaking flesh eating disease here…i’m ridiculous. its great to hear that the family is doing so well. no baptisms this week but i probably had my best work day of my mission thus far on saturday. i don’t know what got into my comp but he actually wanted to work really hard so that’s what we did. we didn’t rest. we taught 8 lessons and all of them were pilas. the spirit was really strong in all of them and my spanish…what the freak…i don’t know what i did but my spanish was flowing. i taught the majority of probably 5 of the 8 lessons we taught. i was just spitting spanish, asking inspired questions, and sharing scriptures that came to my head. it was just a really good day for working. i just want every day to be like saturday was. it was one of those days i can say i did everything i could and that i did my best…so that was great. another good story is we were eating at wilmer and catorinas house for dinner and when they gave us our food my soup had an iguana in it. i was like, “what the heck is going on here?” wilmer was cooking that night so he just went off into the forest behind his house and killed like 5 iguanas for dinner. ha, ha, what the heck! it was ok, i guess it tasted like chicken ha, ha. this week though, holy cow, it has been hot. they say the heat is just starting and i thought it was hot like 2 weeks ago but that was nothing compared to yesterday and the previous days this week. it is smoking right now. i just sweat sitting down, i sweat with a fan, i sweat when i sleep, and its just weird its so hot. its not bothering me that much though surprisingly, the lord must be helping me with that. but the people say that in 1 month its going to be even more hot. i’m going to be honest, i don’t know if that is possible. really, i dont know, i thought that this earth is supposed to have goldilocks conditions where the temperature of the earth can support life. if it gets any hotter then it was yesterday i might die…really, i might die. we go through a 5 gallon water jug like every 2 days and its costing me a fortune in pure water ha, ha. today for p day we went to these caves in the mountains. it was pretty sketchy and i couldn’t help but think that the cave was going to cave in on us…ha, ha, i’m such a wuss. but it was really fun and the cave was super cool. it reminded me of the time we went up to the caves by the cabin. i think we did that…i don’t know maybe that was a dream. oh, speaking of dreams, i had a dream last night that i was in san fran with you guys and we wanted to go to cheeseboard but ben was like noonoo i don’t want to. ha, ha, then mom you were saying, “i have been to the best restaurants in the world and cheeseboard is better” ha, ha, so funny and so random. but i was a little sad because the dream ended before i could go to cheeseboard. that’s about all i can think of right now that happened this week. i love you all and miss you all. mom, mothers day is only 2 months away…can you believe that? i will be talking to you in no time. love you all and miss you and remember to pray always…the lord hears and will answer all of your prayers.
love, elder call

got this jersey at a paca for 2 dollars perfect condition frank gore jersey…ha, ha.

elder robinson and elder vestel the zl with me in the caves this morning

elder robinson and elder vestel the zl with me in the caves this morning

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