Saturday, April 27, 2013

I have a new comp (Week 14)

hey family, i loved getting your letters as always but the thing that struck me the most this week from the letters is how freakin sick ben’s hair is. i cannot believe that freakin hair. you should make ben cut his hair because of all the girls he’s going to get with that hair…i cannot get over that hair. well done ben, well done…maybe you should be a model ha, ha…wow, the hair is great. yea, so the big thing that happened this last week is i got a new comp. my comps name is elder rojas and he is from the dominican repuplic. he is gordo and a really big guy with really dark skin. i was going to say he’s african american but he isn´t american or african so like i dont know how to describe him. from what i can tell from this past week he is going to be a great comp. he is always smiling and in a good mood and he wants to work. i mean that’s all i need with my comps. he also has a positive attitude which is a must with me ha, ha. he has 20 months in the mission so he is probably going to die here in san jose. he is a reallly good teacher and loves teaching. he is a perfect example of how i thought somebody from the dominican would be. he is super happy all of the time and super lax. i don´t think he has a care in the world and he talks super, super, slow always. ha, ha, he is exactly what i think the people from the dominican are. yea, so i am really excited for this next change. as far as our area goes right now it needs work. not really any of our investigators are progressing so pray for them. we are asking everyone for references of people that we can teach. hermano wilmer is the dad of the family that we baptized and he is the best. he goes out with us at night all of the time to teach. he is so concerned about our work its the greatest. he asks why would we teach inactive members when there are families here in san jose that are dying to be baptized. i remember thinking wow, what a change in his life and we brought him that happiness. whenever i think about hermano wilmer and his family it just gets me motivated. if i can find people half as good as wilmer i will be a very happy missionary. you always hear missionary’s talking about how much they love the people they serve but its true. i love the people here so much and when i think about wilmer and his family i want to cry ha, ha…i love that guy. so earlier this week we were at wilmer’s house and a storm was coming in. all of a sudden it was like katrina hit here. there was wind like incredibly strong and it was pouring rain like i have never seen or been in my entire life. we ran into wilmer’s little house, which is sticks coverd in plastic with a tin roof, then all of a sudden the freakin storm blew the top of the house. we were getting drenched so we ran over to his mom’s house. so we were there with his family in this hurricane. we had to leave their house though because it was getting late and our district leader was going to call us for our stats. so we had to run home from wilmer’s mom’s house back to our house. it really was nuts because it was pouring really hard and there was a river in the street…it was like a flash flood. so we get back to our house and open the door and there is a lake in our house ha, ha and all of my comp’s things were soaked. my clothes were like 2 feet away from his on a dresser and it was like somebody took a hose and drenched his clothes. all of my clothes were dry and all of his clothes were soaked. we still have no idea how it happened but it was super funny to me but it was not so funny to my comp. but with his great attitude he just shook it off like nothing had happened. it was super funny and i will remember that wet run home for the rest of my life. i was super mad, for like 3 steps, when we started running home, but then after i was soaked i was like wow this is kind of fun ha, ha. so on our run home we played in the street river and in all of the huge lakes in the street as we ran ha, ha. that is what happened this week ha, ha, another crazy week. love all you guys and can´t wait to hear from you next week
elder call

elder rojas and i 

 us in the house of wilmer’s mom with his son who was baptized last saturday

us on the way home from wilmer’s running home in the rain…it’s a good thing i have a waterproof camera ha, ha

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