Thursday, March 7, 2013

My First Change in Guat...Week 7

wow, let me start by saying dad your letter was so funny...i haven’t laughed that hard since vietnam. the thing about kev ha, ha so and then you were like, “yea i’m raw at tennis too if molly is the bar”…ha, ha, ha. i’m still dying laughing ha, ha, ha…i can’t even believe how funny that is. oh, and the part about mom ha, ha, ha that’s so funny 2 pounds…then you were like i lost 2 pounds fasting yesterday…so funny. i have lost 20 pounds since getting to guat. my pants don´t stay on with my belt so i had to make new holes in the belt. i have lost 20 and the heat hasn’t even kicked into full gear here yet. elder sommers, an elder in my zone who was born in my area, lost 50 pounds in 3 months here in san jose. if i lost 50 pounds i would have a 6 pack ha, ha. wow, so news about me, i just finished my first change here in guat. elder bonilla, my trainer, is leaving and elder ortega my other comp is going to finish training me because he just finished his training. wow, so how do i feel about that? mixed feelings…elder ortega is a lot more fun and outgoing but elder bonilla all he does is work. to be honest i wish bonilla was staying but there is nothing i can do. let me say this next change is going to be really, really hard for me. i love elder ortega but he, well, just doesn´t like to work. he likes staying and talking at members houses. oh, and ortega doesn’t know a lick of english so i will have to communicate in espanol which will be really hard but really good for me. i’m just worried about the work. i want to work from sun up until 930 at night. i don’t want to make elder ortega mad when i tell him lets leave the members house and go out and teach. its going to be a really hard balance that i am going to have to find. not to mention, i am going to have to do most of the teaching probably too…ha, ha wow, this next change is going to be really interesting. as long as i can say i did my best i’ll be happy. that is what’s new with the companionship and we might get another companion also. there are a lot of tri comps because there are just an absolute ton of missionarys in the mission right now since we’re preparing for the mission to be split. this week with our investigators was good. we are having a couple get married this sunday so we can baptize them…this family is just the best by the way. i will try to get a picture for you guys. but our fecha for this saturday isn’t going to happen because 2 days in a row we saw our investigator at the bar, right in front of our house, slamming down beers. i mean, have some respect, there are hundreds of bars and you have to go to the one that is right in front of our house…ha, ha…i mean, we can see him from our window…we can hear him laugh too…it’s like torture…ha, ha…so we need to figure out the best way to talk to him about drinking and to see if he actually wants to get baptized. his name is hugo and its the guy that has been taking the lessons for 12 years so obviously he knows drinking is not good. i will let you know what happens with that. but all i can do right now is pray for him. not counting him, we have 4 people scheduled to get baptized this month. i just want to work, work, and work so i really hope ortega wants to do the same. this past week though has been weird weather wise. the beginning of the week was super hot like usual then the last 3 nights i have been cold all night…like in my bed shivering cold. i don’t get it, it was actually really cold at night. during the day it was like 70 then at night who knows what the temp was but it was cold…probably because it was cloudy but who knows for sure. this month is when it is supposed to just get really, really, hot. something else interesting happened on sunday. estabamos caminando a la iglesia domingo cuando yo vi mi primero persona muerto. el hombre estaba tirado in la calle y eschuchamos que lo mataron con un machete...que miedoso. estoy ecribiendo in espanol entonces ella no puede entender. no quero que ella se preocupe para mi…yea but i am loving the mission. it is so fun and i love teaching so much as well. that is pretty much all the news i have for this week. oh, and mom, i just read your whole letter about dave so sad…ha, ha, i love that cat and i want to cry but for some reason i think i'll be fine ha, ha …love you guys and hope all is well in alamo. 

 i just wanted to send it again just because it is so cool and i have nothing else to send this week. i mean look at zarahemla in the background ha, ha, ha.

pic 2. elder sommers and i. he is the one that was born in san jose. born, in case you didn´t know, is the first area of your mission. yea he is the man though and is from kansas. kansas…what the heck, he says his stake is half of all of kansas…ha, ha. he played football too…full back and middle linebacker. he came into the mission like 250 and weighs 205 right now. he is in san andreas which is the area right next to mine and we are in the same branch for church.

me with one of the members parrots ha, ha

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