Tuesday, March 19, 2013

my second baptism here in guat (Week 9)

wow, i loved getting your emails today they were so good. life seems good back home in alamo california...i’m not going to lie...75 degrees, hikes, bike rides, man i dream of doing stuff like that here. i really loved yours emails today. they really were incredible and keep me so motivated to do the work here knowing i have all that support back home. the weather here is starting to get a little brutal. everyday this week it has been about 100 degrees and in a couple weeks its going to be 110 and above everyday. no wonder the lamanites were dark skinned…ha, ha, that makes no sense because the nephites were white. ..ha, ha. i can’t believe brady is gone on his mission that is crazy. i thought he just got his call and was having to wait forever to leave. i have no idea how i have been out here for 4 months already. i feel like i have been here for a couple of weeks at the most. the days just fly by like none other. i swear i get up, study, go to lunch, teach and then the day is over. it feels like the days have 12 hours not 24. this week the district leader came to our area to do interviews for the baptism we had saturday so i went to san bonito, another area, with elder laourtizen who has the same amount of time here in guat as me. that was an absolute blast. our spanish was great though. i felt like that day i was fluent. i taught perfectly in spanish and contacted 3 people in like 45 minutes and gave out 3 BOMs. super fun day because elder laourtizen is super motivated and just wants to work like me. so it was super fun just being able to retire for the night knowing i did everything i could do to change peoples lives that day. i don’t know how i am going to do it with my comp but i want to get him motivated so we can work all day everyday. the highlight of this passed week was definitely the baptisms we had saturday. wilmer and catolina are awesome and just the best. i baptized catolina. so it was the first time i had actualy baptized someone ever. super cool and i couldn’t have imagined it to be better. i was a little nervous but the spirit was just so strong and the smile she had on her face when she came up out of the water is something i will cherish for all of eternity…that was just incredible. the next day i confirmed her a member of the church and conferred the holy ghost to her. i really didn’t know what i was doing. i mean i kind of prepared something to say in the blessing but the spirit took over and i really can’t even remember what i said but elder ortega said i had perfect spanish. wow, the gift of tongues, how crazy is that? i don’t even know what i said but it was good and it was good spanish…so sweet, ha, ha. that was such a good experience. i hope so bad and i pray that they will remain strong in the church and that they will go and be sealed in the temple for all eternity in 1 year. if i am in the capitol i will be able to go be with them when they do it. oh, and sorry if my english is bad, i think in spanish 24/7 so i don’t really know english or spanish right now ha, ha. my comp says i talk in my sleep in spanish so that makes me happy to know that i am practicing spanish even in my sleep…ha, ha. there is a fair in my area, san jose, right now so there are like a million people in this small little town. i want to go and do some contacting but ill have to see what my comp says…i can’t wait until i am senior comp. all is well out here in peten guat i’m loving every minute of it. pray that i will find more people to teach and please pray for my spanish ha, ha, ha. love you guys and miss you!
elder call

with one of the new assistants to the pres. he’s a super cool guy and we did divisions with him last week. we got along really well and taught some really good lessons

wilmer and catorina right before they got baptized. i don’t really realize how much bigger i am until i look at the picture ha, ha…i look huge…love these guys and hopefully their son is going to get baptized next week.

another funny thing i meant to mention is when you ask people "como esta" they tell you exactly what they are doing…it is so funny. like, "como esta" and they’ll reply, oh just washing the dishes. oh really, i didn’t know that ha, ha or they well say pues aqui which means “well here” and i just think, oh really, well next time i wont ask you because i already know what you are going to say ha, ha, ha. this is just something i think is super funny.

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