Thursday, February 28, 2013

Freakin Hot...Week 6

right now i’m sitting in this same internet cafe as always and its like 100 degrees with no air. i’m dying quite literally. the scary part is every time i say "hace calor" when a member is around they just say wait until next month. my comps say it gets up to be 120 and the average in march, april, and may is 115…so that’s like 155 in black pants.  i never wore pants before the mission because i was hot when it was 75 degrees but now here with humidity and this heat i might die really ha, ha. i was dying at your letter this week mom and dad.  charlie on the bike i can just see it ha, ha, so funny.  that kid might not be athletic but he is the funniest in the family ha, ha.  its great to hear ella is doing great its weird to think that when i get home she is going to be a young woman…what the freak? but make sure she knows that it doesn´t matter how good she is at tennis i will still beat her…i won´t lose.  i will fake an injury before i lose ha, ha . wow, ben its great to hear you are killing it at rugby that’s freakin awsome dude!  2 out of 2 "man of the match" want to see you play so bad. whatever you do, suck up to helu man, if he loves you, you are set. if he loves you then he loves you but if he hates you he won’t play you.  so don´t do anything stupid because he has the hookups for college.  oh, and kill everyone in those games. the thing that shocked me most is that you are driving…that scares me…that really scares me…ha, ha. well, please don´t die because i want to see you again ha, ha, just be safe. im sure you will do fine but if you have any questions ask aunt ann, her god given gift is driving.  don´t forget about me, im pretty good myself ha, ha.  about the 458 italia that just made me sick. i miss cars so much here. remember when i said you just don´t see the cars you see in alamo anywhere else?  its true, here i get excited when i see a 93 toyota ha, ha. the cars are terrible here ha, ha, so i have moved on from cars to motorcycles here. man, i lie in bed at night and think what i would do for grandpas bmw 850 gs...that motorcycle, holy freak! i would take that over a bugatti if i lived here. im serious, freak, that thing is so dope. tell grandpa to ride it down here and visit me ha, ha. i love you ben, your the man, and rep that last name big dog. mom about the crime its just really bad in the capital, up here in peten there is like none. speaking of the cap, we got some really big news this week. the mission is going to be split up…mission coban and mission guat city east. there are 10 zones in this mission, 5 are in the cap and 5 are out of the cap. the mission splits in july. everybody tells me that the cap is not fun to serve in and everybody wants to be out of the cap. so i hope so bad i am in mission cobon. im not kidding, mission coban might be the best mission in the world. the area i am in right now is a part of it. oh, and 50 percent of the missionaries in the mission are going to east and the other 50 percent to coban.  they are bringing in missionaries from other missions in guat to these missions. its crazy news…i have layed out the pros and cons of both though. pro of the cap you are guaranteed to speak spanish so your spanish is going to be good.  pres watts is staying in the cap for mission east so i would still have him…he is the best by the way and last there is this guy who makes dope suits for missionaries and that is in the cap as well.  but in mission coban it is jungle the entire thing.  there are waterfalls, tikal, like i went to on pday last week, crazy animals, and low crime.  also you might have to learn the quechee, that isn´t how you spell it, but thats how you say it. anyway, its the language of the mayans and its a crazy language that about 1 in 15 missionaries learn in the mission. if you do get called to an area with quichee then you are pretty much going to be in that area for your entire mission because the language is really hard.  i wouldn´t mind learning it as long as my spanish is really good because you are never going to use that language after the mission. so yea, mission coban is the way better mission but if i go to the cap then fine i will have a freakin great time there too. so thats pretty much all the news this week and we still have that bap date in 2 weeks.  im running out of time though, so i love you guys and miss you. oh freak, i almost forgot, we played soccer this morning, gringos vs lats, and i had 9 of our 13 goals, oh yea, i’m repping the call name down here as well.  we beat the lats 13 to 10. they didn’t like that because they say soccer is in their blood, ha, ha…anyway, love you’re the best! 

elder call

Probably the coolest picture ever, ever, taken of me...look at my athletic skills and look at where i am at.  I look at this picture and I am speechless...Christmas card worthy I think,  haha

rep west side area till i die even in Guat

a huge spider we saw when we went out teaching Friday.

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