Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First week of my second change (week 8)

once again, i love getting your letters, they are the best. both of them were so funny i just laughed the entire time reading them. dad, what you said about kev crushing molly on the court is hilarious because i just picture the same thing…so funny, that kid is hilarious. that sounds like a total blast going to that tennis tourney. about our crazy family day trips those were the best…i love doing those things. to be completely honest, apart from the family of course, i probably miss san fran the most. i don’t get it, like why do i like a city so much…it doesn’t make any sense, but i love that city...that is my hood. seriously, sf is one of the best cities in the world and i miss it so much. so last week i said that this change was probably going to be hard because of my new comp…this change will be hard i think but not as hard as i thought last week. ortega and bonilla didn’t really like each other that much so i think ortega was really lazy to make bonilla mad. i love bonilla and he is my dad but his social skills were a little bit off. he loved giving "sincho" which is like getting after people for doing something wrong like breaking a rule or something. yea, so bonilla loved giving sincho. i realized he was just trying to do what was right so it was never that big of a deal for me. ortega though didn’t like it at all and that’s why i think they didn’t get along that well. so this last week was good but a little slower then the ones in the past because my comp is a bit lazy and it takes a while to get out the door. but it was a good week and a lot better then what i expected. we did work and we did teach but i still would like to do more work. the highlight of the week was confirming the fecha with a family for baptism. they are getting baptized next week and their wedding was last night. it so cool that we invited them to follow the commandments so they got married and next week they will get baptized. i just think it is so cool that they probably would have never heard the gospel if it wasn’t for us missionaries being here at this time. i absolutely love this family and they are the best. i have some pics that i will send you. they are the best and are so happy and they just make do with nothing because they are dirt poor. they are literally dirt poor and their house is the size of mom and dad’s bathroom. they just have a bed, some clothes, and that’s it. they love planting flowers though so they have pretty flowers all over their property. what’s incredible is that they barely have enough money to survive but they love life and are so happy. it just reminds me of that quote in my farewell how money doesn’t correlate to happiness. its so true because most of the people here are so happy and cheerful but live off of nothing. yea, so the fecha and the wedding last night was the highlight of my week for sure. today was really fun though too. we play soccer ever monday in santa elena which is a 45 minute bus ride from our area. we meet up with other missionaries and play soccer. today though was not that competitive because sister missionaries were playing with us too. i didn’t have that much fun so i left early with another missionary on splits. he and i explored santa elena. its not a giant city but its pretty big. we did what i like to do best…just explore and wander just like i like to do in the city. we ended up at some sketchy market with a bunch of counterfeit cool things. then we met up with the rest of the missionaries at pizza hut where we always have lunch. we walked around for like 3 hours exploring and it was the best. my comp doesn’t like to do that so it was cool i could go with another missionary. really fun day but its like a 100 degrees again today. i don’t know if i told you this already or not but the only grocery store is here in santa elena so we have to come here for p days every week pretty much which is cool. it’s a 45 minute bus ride to get here. its actually a van not really a bus and they load like 28 people in it…well 28 is the record…but usually there’s about 24 people in the van so that’s always fun. we also have to come here on wednesdays for district meeting in santa elena so we come here twice a week. in our area we only have tiendas which are like little shacks where they sell drinks, chips, beans, and eggs but thats about it. i’ve started running with my comp in the morning everyday which is a lot of fun. we ran every day this past week starting on tuesday. my goal is to drop another 25 pounds to get down to like 200 and my comp wants to drop 18 this change. we have 6 weeks to do it and it is definitely possible. my goal is just a little bit more than mom's 2 pounds weight loss goal ha, ha. yea, but i am loving it here as always and its the freaking best. this week i’ve really had a better understanding of spanish. i am starting to be able to somewhat understand what the people are saying to me when i talk with them. i can talk fine but its my understanding that is hard for me. i can understand gringos but natives are really hard especially if they talk in vos. i don’t know if they have vos in mexico dad, but its like another form of the tu verb. they take the verb tener for example and they just take off the “r” and add an “s” so it’s tenes. for the command form they take of the “s” so its just tene. it’s different than what i’m used to, and luckily not everybody uses it, but its just something i need to get used to. i’m not supposed to use it though because i am supposed to always use ud but sometimes i use tu when talking to kids to practice. i don’t use vos though because i want to learn ud and tu before i use vos. yea, that’s my spanish and my life out here in san jose peten guat and i’m loving every minute of it. i love you guys and miss you.
elder call

hermano wilmer and i and his youngest son carlitos

this is the whole family 2 kids one 12 the other 6

this is a pic after they had been married wilmer and catorina

another incredbile pic of me jumping over looking the lake. im a huge fan of this pic haha

down at the lake

holy freak i forgot to tell you a story we were eating lunch at wilmer and catolinas house and they had these little chillies. wilmer told me they were not spicy so i ate one. it was spicy really spicy but i could handle it i could handle spice pretty good. bonilla ate one and was crying so ate no more and ortega ate like 3. i was like oh ya thats really good. wilmer kept on telling me to eat more so i did. my moutuh was on fire. i ate 5 with the food and it was hot. after the food wilmer was like have another and i was like freak alright if bonilla and ortega did. so we all at one more. bonilla cired haha and ortega was crying to but i was doing ok. i decided to show the who the alpha male was haha and eat like 6 more. i had 6 in my mouth and were chewing them. terrible decision absolutly terrible. i haven{t been int hat much pain since nam. i was dying crying weezing i was making a fool out of myself haha. it was reallyfunny though and they were all dying. the pain in my mouth lasted another 30 mins but the fire in my stomach lasted teh entire day. learned my lesson haha don{t try to show off by eating a lot of chillies.

here is a picture of me right in the middle of all my pain hahaha good times

an incredible sunset with just the top of my head that is visible

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