Thursday, October 2, 2014

the worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttt computadora (week 89)

well team let me tell you that i have got the worst computer ever and i have like no time to write you guys because it gave me a virus that almost ate all my fotos. ya i'm ticked. love your letters though and that carmel house vacation looked like just the best. that's awsome. and let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA AND BENJAMIN. you guys are the best and i really mean that. i cant wait to see you all in 4 weeks! its going to be the best. i hope that your birthdays were the best ever. i think that is just so funny that you all talked to sister bake. what more did she have to say? haha. i told her to look at your blog as well and she said that whoever wrote it is very gifted. well whoever it was i hope that you don't get more cocky than you already are haha. man you are all the best.
ok so this week was a good one. we baptized aroldo and his wife dorris. they are the greatest. the person who did the interview for aroldo said that he has done over 70 interviews and the one that he had with aroldo was the best yet. he is sooooooooooooooooooooooo pilas. like right now he knows more than  most of the members and he has only been going to church for like 3 weeks. dorris in sunday school answered all the questions perfectly in the class. my comp and i taught. i'm serious they are such good converts i'm not kidding when i saw that aroldo is going to be a leader in the church in the next couple of years and don't even get me started on chalio... he is soooo pilas. yesterday he left to visit with us all day. he wants to serve a mission and is going to bless the sacrament with aroldo not this sunday but the next. ya they already received the aaronic priesthood yesterday in church. they are great. the lord has blessed me soooo much in these last 6 months with soo many good converts. all of them are still in church and all of the men have received the priesthood. they are such good converts. the lord has blessed me sooo much i'm serious. its great you guys are going to know them as well because i told them all that when i get home i am going to skype them haha. ya so that is about all the important things that happened this week. oh and it was changes and i am staying here in the same area with the same comp. the last change flew by so i cant even imagine how this one is going to fly... if it is only 4 weeks. I love you guys and i am praying for you all always. thank you for the support you have given me my entire mission it has helped me a ton. thanks to you guys it has never even crossed my mind once to return back home early. really and that is something that missionaries think about more than 1 time in their mission. i have never thought about that because the mission is just the very best. although hard at times it is the best. i am going to live it up these last couple days. you are all the best and i hope that all is well. don't forget what i told you guys to do this next week. go into the conference with a question and let the lord help you to answer it. he always will. Love you all and have a great week
elder call

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