Thursday, October 9, 2014

Peten (week 90)

Loved your letters this last week as always as they always give me animo to work harder and to endure till the end. let me tell you all that you are the best and i cant wait to see you all. Ben and Ella happy birthday once again.

So this week was pretty good. we didn't have a baptisms so it wasn't the best. this week my comp and i had to go to the capital. i swear my comps are always sick and i always have to go to the cap with them haha. from peten that is a freaking a 10 hour bus ride and it's soo tiring. we left thursday night and were there all day friday and left friday night to be back here in peten at 8. really just a long journey but it was the best because i was able to go to the temple. we had like 10 hours from when we got to the cap until his visit with the doctor so we went to the temple. let me tell you that that was the best. i haven't been to the temple since provo and did it feel good to go back. if it wasn't for this trip then i would have never of entered the temple here in guat. that was the highlight of the week. general conference was good as well. i always just love it. i loved the talks of christofferson and uchtdorf the saturday morning session. those were probably my favorite talks of the conference. i have such a strong testimony of the gospel and of living prophets.  as far as investigators go we only have 1 pilas family. the missionaries have been visiting them forever and they never wanted to get married until they had enough money to buy rings. well my comp and i watched a short powerful video about jesus that invited the spirit so strong then we just gave sincho with amor. man we are talking boldly. that is just so fun as a missionary and to be so full of the spirit and to do it with so much authority. it's one of the best feelings as a missionary. well they said that they will get married the 20 of this month which means that they might get baptized my last saturday in the mission which would be the best. nothing is for sure. right now we have to visit them again but that was the best lesson we had this week. Being a missionary is the best. i'm sad that i am ending my time as a full time missionary but i'm happy that i don't ever have to stop being a missionary. i have come to love gautemala sooo much and the people here as well. they are just the best. nobody is better though then you guys. i love you all and i hope you all have a good week.

Elder Call

me on a granizada bike

this is some jungle animal named a tepesquintle that we are going to eat tmrw

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