Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes (week 91)

hey loved your letters again this week. they are the best and i cant wait to talk to you all in person haha. ya so i only have 2 more weeks and it sucks let me tell you. yesterday in church it actually hit me that i am leaving. i bore my testimony all normal and everything and then when i was walking back i sat down and it hit me that i'm leaving.  i just sat there and cried next to our investigators and everything haha. i think i scared them but really i just bawled for like 30 mins. i'm so sad i cant believe that it has come to an end almost. it sucks it really does. i love everything about guat everything. the people the culture everything.  man its just going to be horrible to be back in the states. well good and bad but let me tell you i have almost never been so sad in my life. i would love to tell you everything that happened this week but to be honest i'm just going to wait until i get home because i'm tired. today we went to yaxcha another big ruin it was super cool. well i'll send you some pics because they say a picture is worth a thousand words haha. love you all and see you soon!

elder call

Nicholas celebrated his 21st birthday on October 15th.
I got these pictures sent to me from someone in his mission but I am not sure who.  They made me beyond happy and I felt like I had not missed out completely on this special day.  We watched the video like 10 times and cried laughed the entire time!
Happy Birthday Nicholas!!!!!!
I love you!!!!!!!

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