Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chalio (week 88)

overall it was a solid week. the week was pretty normal up until friday. friday we did divisions with the elders in san andres . it was the best to be in that area again. we did divisions so that the district leader could do the interview with chalio. ya so i obviously was treated like a king in san andres. that area just brings back soooo many memories. i just cant believe how long ago it was when i was there. like where has time gone? i literally don't get it. it's the best being there and i just know everyone seriously. although there were some People that didn't recognize me until i told them my name because they say i have lost so much weight. they actually told me i need to gain more wait that i don't look healthy. they exaggerated but ya its funny seeing everyone again. the best part of the day was visiting chino and visiting my converts delfina and daisy. chino is the menos activo he is still menos activo but he is starting to go to church again and is going to baptize his kid. that made me super happy. when i visited jorge delfina daisy and ruban it was a party. they knew i was coming so they went into the jungle and caught an armadillo and killed it to eat it with me. that's hilarious to me... a freaking armadillo? what is this russa who kills an armadillo? it was good though so i'm not going to complain.  it was just so unreal that i was there with them. delfina and jorge have a kid now. that's crazy because i was in their wedding when i was in san jose. ruban and daisy also have a new kid. their were a bunch of kids running around that house that i had never even seen before. that was just the best to see them. the next morning i woke up and went on a run along the banks of the lake. i literally felt like i was on vacation it was unhealthy. san andres is just ridiculous. then chino invited us to lunch and we went to his house to lunch with him and his family haha. that same day saturday we had the baptism of chalio. he is the man. he is a marero turned mormon. ya he has had a super hard life before. his parents basically abandoned him and left him with his grandma. he has progressed super fast with us and has just been great. he has a great testimony. last night we were talking to him and he said that he would also like to serve a mission. so that is possible as well and that he becomes a missionary in the future. with him it's possible that it happens but with marcia from coban it's for sure going to happen. she has already starting filling out here papers haha. ya so overall it was just the best week. san andres and the baptism of chalio. chalio is probably one of my only converts that i would hang out with like as a friend. i love all my converts obviously but chalio is like a friend to me like he is hysterical like i would hang out with him if that makes sense. i love all my converts but chalio is also the man haha. i don't know how to say that by email to not make it sound bad. like i love all my converts but at the same time talk about chalio haha. overall just a killer week and to top it all off we went to tikal today. it was just great. i am now very baggy though because i know the exact time i will be home but that will just last all today then tomorrow i will be back to normal and work just as usual. thank you all for just being the best and you have no idea how much i love you all. i can always count with your support in my life. my advice for you all this week is study the scriptures but think of a question you have and save it for general conference to let the general authorities answer it. you should always go into conference with a question. you still have 2 weeks to think about it but just so you can get ahead. i love you all and have just a great week.

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