Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Peten is the Best (week 85)

Loved your letters this week and i really really do love how you guys write me every week... it's just the best. i can't believe how crazy life has been at home. all the wedding stuff with the millers back and with school. mom that letter cracked me up. I cant even imagine how crazy things at home were during that week. your date to the city just sounded like the best. i met some guys here who have been to san fran a bunch of times and they say that it is one of their favorite city's in the world and they have been all over the world. man i just love the city so much. Dad your right though i will be home in time to go to some bens games.  man i just cant believe how time flies.

Right now i'm not in peten which is a relief because p days in peten in that crappy internet cafe with 1 little fan is torture. it's really just a really big sacrifice writing you guys because man its soooo hot in there and i always leave that place with a huge headache. haha ya so like i said i'm in coban and i'm soo baggy to be in coban. i love this place and i love how cold it is. its really hard for me to tell you guys what place i like best here in the mission but its really hard to beat peten. i love it up there. i just have so many memories of things that i did there and experienced starting like 18 months ago. its so crazy how time flies. i really feel like i have been here in the mission for like 5 months. i just don't get where time has gone. this week was a good one for the work in our area. we were able to put fechas with a family in our area. their names are haroldo and dorris. they are great and i love them so much. aholdo is like 25 and is a successful electrision for his age and is living with dorris. they have 2 kids. they are not quite married like i told you last week but they are going to get married this weekend. Ahoroldo says that he is a member of the church but we cant find any record of him so he is probably going to have to get baptized again. he isn't upset about that though because he is going to get baptized the same day as his wife.  haroldo is really making big changes in his life. the typical guatemalan who makes pretty good money and just drinks it all away. well that is what he has been doing for the last 7 years of his life. he has had really bad influences in his life. his father was a member of the church but he went very inactive and drank all the time. haroldo says the first time he drank he had 9 years and he was taking shots of whisky with his dad. ya i'm so glad my dad isn't like that. ya so he has been drinking all his life. ya he hasn't been drinking in like 15 days which is a record for him since he was like 9. i love haroldo and how is trying to change for his family. he says he has always wanted to change but has never been able to or been able to find the will power to do it but we gave him sincho and he is changing. i really love the people here in peten i just love them.  now chalio is also progressing a lot and he is soo pilas. his prayers at the end of our lessons are so good. i love chalio as well. oh and i havn't told you guys about my comp. so my comps name is elder tellez. he is from nicaragua and has about 13 meses in the mission. he is pilas. he was in cubulco as well.  He is a great guy and we have a lot of fun together and work hard. oh i haven't told you about my house either... i don't think. our house is soooo  nice its hilarious. its normally 3000 quets but its a members so we are living there for 1500 quets. our house is like a little cabin its made out of wood and has air conditioning. ya i wrote that right air conditioning i think we have the only house with air conditioning in all of guat haha i have never been in one at least until i moved into my house. and that goes for member house or missionary house haha. ya so i sleep like a babe freezing cold every night as if i were in coban. its the best haha i feel spoiled though because i remembered how much i suffered the last time i was in peten and i had to shower some times like 4 times a night because i couldn't sleep because i was soo hot. ya so that is a real luxury haha. that is all i can remember that happened this last week that is worth writing. i love you all so much. don't forget to always say your prayers and to read the scriptures. those 2 things when done with real intent are powerful. again love you all and i hope that you have a great week.
elder call

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