Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Una Buena Semana (week 86)

i loved your letters this week and let me tell you that you are right about that being the perfect weekend. that is just fantastic! man i am so happy that you went and ate pizzas there where i have been before. that place really is just a little piece of heaven. i love that place so much. i still can't believe jared is back... that's nuts.

Ya so my week was a good one. haroldo and dorris got married finally. that was the highlight of the week. that haroldo is a miracle and how he has decided to change his life. man his wedding though was great. very humble. it was just in his house and there were like 2 families from the church that went as well. it was great though because them getting married was the first big step in changing their lives. they are now no longer living in fornication and are keeping the commandments especially that one which happens to be maybe the 3rd most important commandment. they are going to get baptized the 27. ya so i cant remember if i told you this but haroldo has to get re baptized because the church lost his record. so he and his wife are going to get baptized the 27. they were going to get baptized earlier but there were a couple of problems with the next 2 weekends. they good news is that they are going to get baptized. chalio is still progressing well and he is going to get baptized not this weekend but the next. the reason that he isn't going to get baptized this next weekend is because it's the weekend of the independence of guat so its going to be nuts and we are not sure if he is going to have to desfilar or not. we don't know if he has to parade or not so that's why we are better off leaving it for 2 weeks longer. the good news is that those guys are progressing... the bad news is that we are having some trouble finding good new investigators. i really want to find new pilas investigators because man i want to baptize my last month in the mission. i am truly loving the mission though it's just the best and i love it. i love having time everyday to study and read the scriptures as well. it's just the greatest. i'm reading jesus the christ right now for the second time in my mission and that book is just the best. there is just not a better book than that one. absolutely incredible. well family that's about all i have time for this week. just know that i love you and think about you all the time and i hope that you all have a good week. love you all hasta pronto

elder call

teaching the pigs

this kid reminds me exactly like charlie like he is a latino igual its crazy. i cried yesterday talking to him because he reminds me soooo much of charlie and i miss charlie because he is the best

harolds and dorris and their two kids

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