Friday, August 29, 2014

Peten (week 84)

just let me tell you guys that i am just so happy to get your letters every week and to know that you are all doing great back home.  i cant believe that rach is now married... i just cant beleive it. mom i hope that your birthday was great because i was thinking about you a lot. l love you lots and i hope you had a great day.

Wow so ya i can't believe that i am here in peten. i was pinching myself all week because i thought i was dreaming but then i realized that i wasn't at all because i was soaking wet walking around all day from all the sweat. ya it's just as hot as i remember. this week was great though. we had a district meeting in san andres and i saw a ton of people that i knew from a year ago. the best though was that we had district conference on sunday so the entire branch of san andres came down to the conference and i saw all the people that i had known before. the best part was seeing jorge and delfina. they are going to get sealed in the temple this next month. i cant believe it and i'm so happy for them. also ruban and his wife daisy who i taught and they got baptized like 2 weeks after i had left are going to get married and sealed in the temple the same day in the cap sometime in September. let me tell you that that is the best. so crazy. when i saw delfina and jorge i saw that they were holding a baby but i never thought that it was theirs but it is. how time flies they have a baby and i was there for when they got married. so crazy how time flies. man i love that family and i'm so happy that i got to see them again. i will go visit them again though when i go to san andres to do divisions here in the near future.  this week in our area was good as well. it's different than san jose because i'm right on the beach like i was in san jose. that is one of the most beautiful places on earth i'm convinced... its incredible but it is just so freakin hot. our area is good though although we didn't have the help of the members at all this week. that is a lot different than coban because in coban i had a member with us visiting all day everyday. we put a fecha though this week with a patajo named chalio. he went to church as well as the priesthood session of the district conference. the district conference was great though and i was able to feel the spirit so strong. i know i have said it before but i will say it again my mission president is just the best in the entire world. i'm not kidding you guys would loooooooooooovvveeeeeee president curtiss he is the best. a 70 also was there and he gave a couple great talks. overall it was a great week and my comp and i started going to the gym we go every morning at 6. life is all good right now. i'm loving it. something my mission president said that i loved is that repentance isn't a bad thing even though we often times look at it like that because it often time hurts to do it but its the biggest blessing that we have.  we can repent and the feeling we get when we truly repent is the most dulce feeling you can have in all your life. i have experienced it and i cant wait to share with you my personal repentance stories and personal revelation i have received after the mission. i have a strong testimony of the church and i love sharing it with anyone and everyone here in guat especially in a language i have just come to love. i love love love spanish so much and i'm going to be so sad that i cant speak it every moment of everyday when i get back. repent family when you need to because like i said the feeling you get when you do it is the best feeling you can get. love you all and hope that you all have a great week!
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