Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Good Week (week 81)

Loved the pics of you guys up at the cabin. i had forgotten that you guys were even there until i saw the pics haha. that's so fun and i am so happy for you. i cant believe that i haven't been to the cabin in 3 years. where has the time gone and i can't wait to go back with the family. I think about you guys daily and pray for you. just don't die before i come home. i think that goes especially for Ben haha.

Well as for my week it was good. Now that i think about it i don't think i have even told you guys about Edwin. we put a fecha with him like a month ago. he is the brother of marcia and the son of carolina. i think i have told you guys about them. they are the best. marcia was my second convert in this area the one who wants to serve a mission in a year. ya we baptized her brother this saturday. he is 16 and super pilas. i think i havn't told you about him just because i have too many things to tell you every week and not enough time.  He is great though and has changed a ton. they used to have a lot of family problems and stuff but now everything is peace in their home. edwin when he bore his testimony said that everything has changed since we arrived at his house and it has changed for the better. they are having more peace at home and he feels the love of the savior in his life. he said he didn't really want to change at first but after he started to read the book of mormon he started feeling a desire to follow Christ and to be baptized. that is the power of the book of mormon and there is no other book like it. it changes lives all for the better. i love edwin and i'm so grateful the lord gave him answers to his prayers and to ours. he is literally an answer from god to our prayers. now Daniel is going to get baptized this weekend in rabinal en baja verapaz. he decided to get baptized down there because that is where his family is and he wants them to be there. he is sad though like us because we are not going to be at his baptism. the good thing though is that he is going to get baptized and that is really the important part. he has changed a lot too and it makes me so happy that he is choosing to follow the lord in his life. getting baptized and keeping the commandments couldn't be more different from what the world teaches us.  it makes it all worth it and that i am here in this freakin random country speaking another language. that wasn't a complaint though the mission is the best and i wouldn't trade this time for anything. keep reading the scriptures as a family especially the book of Mormon because it is powerful and invites the spirit like nothing else. pray often as a family as well. i love you all and have a fantastic time at the cabin. the best place on earth.

Elder Call

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