Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Great Week (week 82)

loved your letters this week and i'm so happy that you are all home safe.  i love the cabin and am so happy you have had the time of your lives. so i feel like i am missing everyone's weddings like everyone's haha. man how crazy.  i'm happy that they are all getting married though haha. that's great.

This week was great. like i say just about every week. i cant believe how fast the time goes. it's changes again. i am going to know if i have a change this saturday. so by next monday i will know if i am going to get a change. i'm hoping i get to train a new missionary and that is my dream. to finish my mission that way but it's the lord who will decide.   this week was fantastic because daniel ended up getting baptized on saturday in rabinal. i'm sad i wasn't there but like i told you guys the most important thing is that he did it. and he did. oh and a really funny story about daniel is that his name isn't daniel. its henry. he told us that on the friday before his baptism. he said that there was something he needed to tell us and one of the last things he had to repent of before he got baptized and that's that  his name is henry haha. the story is this. when he was contacted in rabinal by the missionary's he answered the door and said that his name is daniel because he didn't want to give the missionaries his real name. haha he ended up going to church though and started reading the scriptures and feeling the spirit and receiving an answer to his prayers. then making the decision to get baptized  hahah. its hilarious and one of the best stories. he just never imagined joining the church ahha. ya but he is henry and he is the man i love the guy so much.
Elder Call

ya so that is just about all the things that happened this week. i wish i could send pics but i cant because this computer doesn't read my card. we went to a waterfall as a zone today that was sooooo beautiful. it was great i loved it. overall just a fantastic week. love you all and have just a great week

This he just sent to me in an email and I thought he might want to remember it.

ya me voy as we say here in guat. i'm sad like so sad i just cried in my house last night because i had to say goodbye maybe for the last time to hermano octavio because i don't know if i'm going to get a change.  

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