Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lunes Again (week 71)

Love your letter mom… thanks for never forgetting about me and always writing me. My comps family hasn’t written him in like 3 weeks haha. I don’t know what the deal is with them.  Thank you so much mom and family for everything that you do for me. You guys are the best and I am soooooo grateful that you are my family.

Man where to start. This week was soooooooooooooooooo nuts… like crazy. It would take about 4 hours to write you about everything that happened this week. Ok here I go and get some of it down in this email. Last Monday we went to the doctor because my comp could have some like eye disease where he could be going blind. So we went to the capital on Wednesday. That’s always an adventure because I don’t know the cap at all and you are almost always likely to see a dead person haha. Ya so Wednesday we went to the capital. We went to the eye specialist and stuff. I think the best part of the day was eating taco bell for the first time in 18 months. Let me tell you I was sooo excited for it but I don’t know what happened and it wasn’t nearly as good as I remember it.  That’s what we ate for lunch. Afterwards we went to do a bunch of more tests at another office. Then we ate Wendy’s haha. I felt soooo fat and I hate feeling like that haha. I basically haven’t eaten food like that since the states. That night we went to sleep at the assistant’s house in the east mission because we missed our bus to come back to Coban. When we got to their house we went visiting with the office elders in the east mission. It was horrible. I was soooo full from eating crap all day then they told us we had 1… yes 1 dinner appointment. So we went there and I ate. I ate as much as I could but I was sooo full already. I felt like I was going to die. Oh and btw that was probably the nicest house I have ever seen in Guat. Sooo nice… I am soo used to visiting in shacks made out of wood and laminate. I was shocked with the amount of money that member had haha. Ya so we left that house and the elders were like oh I forgot to tell you we have another dinner appointment. I was going to die. As elders we have to eat everything people give us or else it’s like rude. I started sweating and I didn’t know what to do because I was sooo full. So we went and I ate like a disgusting hot dog thing and just about puked. I looked at my comp and he was pale.  He asked to go to the bathroom and we were all sitting at the dinner table and everyone just heard my comp yak all in the bathroom because he was soo full hahahaha. It was the best. I was just dying laughing hahahaha sooo funny. Ya so that was Wednesday. We got back to Coban Thursday morning.  This Saturday we had a baptism. It was one of my favorite baptisms that I have had in the mission. When we first started teaching Marsia she didn’t want anything to do with us. She hardly even listened but we had a lot of really powerful lessons with her and she started to listen more and more. She started to read the BOM as well and that just changed her life. The BOM is sooo powerful. Ya so that was soooo great watching the cambio in her life. She is really really good family friends with the patriarch of the stake here. They like raised her for a while and stuff when she was young but she never wanted to get baptized and go to church. So for her baptism she wanted us to invite the patriarch but not tell him who was going to get baptized. Ya so when the patriarch saw Marsia and her mom they all started crying. But like balling and I starting balling as well and it was soo incredible. Marsia, her mom, the patriarch and the patriarch’s wife were just sooo happy soooo happy. It was one of the coolest moments of my life. The patriarch and his wife just came over to my comp and I and just started thanking us for finding her and teaching her. It was incredible. It was such an incredible feeling and such a good baptism. Ok that was Saturday. This Sunday she got confirmed. Now we had just a crazy cita Sunday afternoon with Octavio and his kids that come to church with us. Oh freak and I almost forgot… Jefferson and Edson the kids that we are teaching well their mom is sick really sick in the hospital. We went to go visit her on Friday. We just talked to her and her kids’ because Octavio wasn’t there. We gave her a blessing as well. She started talking to her kids and telling them how much she loves them and how everything is going to be ok. She is going to go to the cap to have her back opened up to have fluid drained out of her spinal cord. It’s a really dangerous surgery and she could die or end up in a wheel chair.  Ya she was saying bye to her kids and started talking to them and telling them how much she loved them. Then the kids started crying. They are sooo scared for their mom and so sad that she is going to be far away from the house. Octavio has to work so he won’t be at home either because he has to work in the cap. They are having serious financial problems. When the kids started crying and went over to hug their mom I just lost it. My comp and I just started balling. I was crying like a baby for these poor kids. Let me just tell you that Jefferson and Edson are some of the best kids I have ever met in my entire life. They are so well behaved and disciplined and so happy. They have 11 and 13 years if I haven’t said that.  Ya so that was Friday I think and it was so sad. I’m crying just writing in my email haha.  Ya so we met with them again Saturday and Sunday. Sundays visit was nuts. When we got there Octavio had just got done punishing Jefferson the kid of 11 years. It was so sad but he talked back to his dad and is choosing sides with his parents because they are having marital problems as well. On top of that like I said they are broke. They were really rich so they have really nice things but they can’t sell any of it and so they don’t have any money at all. They have been eating ramon for a week.  Ya so there are just sooo many problems in this family but they are all willing to change. I love visiting this family sooo much even though it is always soo nuts when we visit them like soo nuts. Like the dad is soo strict and stuff with the kids. Basically we put fechas with the kids and the dad is willing to change as well to get baptized but we need to talk with his wife too because they need to get married first. Ya so Jefferson and Edson will probably get baptized in like 3 weeks but for the parents it could be longer. I see so much potential in this family. There are soo many problems like sooooooo many but it can all be changed if they just put Christ in their lives. They are willing to change and repent and I can’t wait to see what happens. So I know that you are all sooo lost and I’m sorry but there are just soo many details about this family. I can’t put it all organized in such a short amount of time haha. I hope you can understand a little.  So the mom goes to the cap to get surgery and the dad has to go work. There is no one to be with the kids and they basically don’t have food. Jefferson and Edson are soo special. I just can’t tell you how much I love these kids. Freak ya so there are some of the things that happened this week. A lot more happened but I just don’t have time to tell you it all. Just know that I am so grateful that I grew up in the family were I grew up. I loved just being able to testify of the happiness that one can have in a Christ centered home. That doesn’t mean that there are not problems but there are a lot less haha.  I love my family so much.  Parents that are righteous and fantastic examples for me and for brothers and sister and that are just so special. I love you all so much. Charlie Ben and Ella you guys have nooooooo idea how good you have it. Be grateful for everything that you have and be happy.  Love you all soo much have a good week. Remember how powerful the BOM is. Read it every day without fail. The church is sooo true. Love you all!

Elder call

Again sorry about that letter probably the craziest i have ever sent home... I hope you understand some of it haha

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