Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good Week (week 43)

Thanks for the letters guys they are always the best. Man Ella sounds so grown up now. It makes me want to cry. I still think she is like 6 and Charlie is like 2 haha. I am glad to hear that srv killed mv as well. It’s the truth though guys, we have the best leaders in the church ever. Pres stone and bish miner are the best. I’m convinced that there is no one more kind and loving then those two men. I’m serious, I never realized how great they are until I came here. haha It’s just something that our entire district down here is lacking and that is good leadership. I will have to give you more details about it when I get back to the states. Really though, they are the best and such good examples of the type of people I want to be.
Let me think this week was kinda nuts. The days go by soo freakin fast because I have to work in 2 areas. It’s a blast though and I am loving every second of it. My comps are great as well and we have so much fun together. The mission is such an adventure. So I have a couple of great stories to tell you guys. Well I always throw rocks at dogs because there are millions of them and I think it’s just the best. 1. Well elder aybar never did it. One time we were walking on the street and he picked up a rock and threw it and just about killed the dog. He was a pitcher back in the republic in baseball and that kid has a freakin arm. It was so funny because I had never seen him throw anything and he threw it and it just about killed the dog. I laughed for like a year. 2. We were making tortillas at a members house and she suggested buying the stuff to make tortillas at our house because she thinks our tortillas are terrible. haha So she bought a bunch of massa and a plate to cook it on, wood and 2 bricks and we made tortillas at our house. Soo fun but. they are the ugliest tortillas in the entre world but they taste the same. The hardest part though was getting the fire started because the wood she gave us was wet. haha It took us 1 and a half hours to get it going but ya we finally did and we made bomb tortillas with cheese. haha. 3. We had a baptism Saturday up at a waterfall in our area and it was dope. Well I was hopping from rock to rock because it was fun. Well I underestimated my athletic abilities and tried to hop from a small rock to a bigger rock that was like 10 feet above the water and I ate it. Ya I fell into the water that was like 4 feet deep and practically had to swim out. I was soaked and uncomfortable and everybody was making fun of me. haha I had to give a talk in front of like 30 people and I was soaking wet. haha. That was funny. Oh and I broke my belt also when I fell and my pants just fall off because I have lost so much weight. So I was talking with one hand holding up my pants and my scriptures in the other. It was horrible. We got back to the house and I had to run over to the market to buy another belt because my pants are just huuuuuggge now haha. Oh freak also we did service Saturday and we ate like soup with chicken foot. I had to give myself a pep talk and tell myself I could do it. The people who gave it to us told us we didn’t need to eat it but I was like no I’ll eat it don’t worry. Well when I got the foot I took a little nibble and saw the dirty skin hanging from my mouth and a little toe bone and gagged. I freaking gagged right in front of them. I felt horrible and here they are eating this foot like it’s some sort of a delicacy. I felt like crap and to be honest I still do. That’s something I won’t forget haha. Ya so basically the mission is the best really it is. It’s awesome knowing that I am a representative of Christ and I’m doing exactly what he would be doing if he was here right now on the earth. I love feeling the spirit in my life so much and feeling at peace with the decisions I make every day. Wickedness never was happiness it’s so true. I’m happier than I have ever been and I’m in some little town in guat teaching people about Jesus. It’s the best. It’s nuts but it’s the best. Love you all and have a good week and remember that our choices now affect all of eternity. That’s a really long time so choose the right.

Elder call

security guard for the alcalde with a gun haha

dinner at robertos house

this is how aybar sleeps every night because i told him that our house has bad spirits which is true. it really does but he is so freakin scared haha so funny

look at guats attempt at having a good name for pizza super ok. like what super ok. your kidding me super means like incredible and ok means like not good or not bad like soo funny. i die laughing at this every day.

stuart and i tortillaring in our house haha

the baptism and i'm soaking wet with a broken belt haha

stuart baptizing

today at some like sugar factory museum thing

san geranimo

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