Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 4 in Guatemala

sooo...i haven’t showered in 5 days because the water in our house isn’t working and i have been eating tortillas and hot sauce every meal for the past 3 days…what the freak am i doing here in guat? my comps dont´t know english and i dont´t know that much spanish. on top of that its probably close to 95 degrees right now as i'm sitting in this little internet cafe thing. what am i doing? oh yea, thats right, baptizing gentiles. i had my first baptism on saturday with hermana morina. it was awesome and makes everything just worth it. to bring a lady who sleeps on her dirt floor with 4 little kids and no money to the knowledge and goodness of christ is incredible. what we are doing out here is changing lives little by little. we also had 4 of our other investigators attend her service as well which was awesome. elder ortega baptized her and that was his first baptism as well. the spirit was so strong and the smile she had on her face despues the baptism was a memory i will cherish for the rest of my life…just incredible. she also said that she is going to go to church until the day she dies. so hopefully, and i’m praying, that she wont forget this experience and be inactive in a couple of weeks. i really don’t think that will be the case. so that was our bautismo and it was really, really, cool. i have been meaning to tell you about the branch…its crazy. first off, singing is supposed to invite the spirit but man its hard when nobody knows the melody. i’m in no way saying that i am a good singer at all. but the people in this place have no idea how to sing and its brutal. i meant to tell you earlier that the first lesson i taught with my companions i couildn´t stop laughing during the song because of how bad at singing my comps are…its just nuts ha, ha. i’m kinda used to it now but its still pretty brutal ha, ha. i think we should have a few more fechas in the near future. san jose is pretty hard for investigators because there is no support. most of the members live in san andreas the town next to san jose. so it can be really tough and a baptism in san jose is a big deal. elder bonilla, elder ortega and i are going to kill it…this is just the beginning. oh, another thing funny about the branch is that nobody respects the speaker. its so funny, people are walking around, talking to each other, saying hello, so everybody is talking during the talks…its so funny. the branch is just so relaxed that its great. its silent at least during the santa cena. thats when you feel the spirit the best. well, not my best letter, but i don´t have as much time today as i usually do. love you all and i know you are all doing awesome. i love getting your letters every week so please keep them coming.
Love, elder call

This is hermana morina. ya she is really small. haha

elder ortega and I in this picture we has to walk to the church which is like 6 miles away and it was like 100 degrees. I was dying!

I died haha.  I can't even tell you how hot it was.  Like there is no way to describe it.

Trying my very hardest to get coconuts from our tree in the backyard.  this was hilarious because we didn't have any clean water to drink from so we had to get the coconuts from the tree and drink the water out of them. it was really quite tasty. haha

elder champagne and i at zone conference

the zone leaders on the ends. elder vestal and elder ware then elder Champagne and I in the middle and some random missionary in the middle tambien.

this is how I look when I go do service. haha

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