Thursday, February 21, 2013

Swagged out in Guatemala (Week 5)

so, my subjects this week don’t have anything to do with anything…just letting you know ha, ha. its great to hear from the family as usual. dad, its hard to say who’s letters are better yours our mom’s. man, i don’t know, but your letter this week was great. coach helu what a guy so unique and you can’t understand anything he says. its awesome to hear how good ben is doing in rugby…that’s awesome! i wish i was there to watch him play because it seems like he is tearing it up. keep talking to helu for me so i will have a hook up with him for after the mission to play rugby7 at byu. its also great to hear ella is killing it at tennis…that’s awesome. oh, by the way, kev liked tennis so much when we all played that he is playing at dvc now too…ha, ha. ella and kev should play together ha, ha, that would be too good. so, this week was work as always but the highlight was getting another fecha. we got a fecha this week with a guy named hugo. he has been taking the lessons for 12 years and would never commit. well, we got him to commit, and he came to church yesterday so hopefully he will stay strong to that goal. he knows the church is true and knows the book of mormon is true also. so we are thinking maybe a word of wisdom problem but we are not sure. anyway, we are praying for him and teaching him 3 times a week. we also had a really great first visit this week. we were knocking on doors, well actually we weren’t knocking because houses don’t have doors here, so we were clapping and yelling “buenas” and we got invited in. killed the lesson. the spirit was so strong and my spanish was just flowing. you would have thought i was fluent. it turns out that the dad of the family had one of his sons die so we told him about the plan of salvation and that he can be with his son again. incredible lesson and i invited them to be baptized and they said yes. we didn’t set a date with them but they want to follow jesus christ through baptism…really, really, cool…best first visit yet! the mosquitoes are back at our house and there are more then ever. its terrible and sometimes i can’t sleep at night. oh and dad i was at a members house yesterday for lunch and he served his mission in panama. he said he didn’t know you. he served in 91 so you were back i think. he was on the san blas islands for 13 months. he showed me a bunch of pictures and i wish so bad you would have been there to talk to him about it. he loved it so much. i told him grandpa baptized the first san blas indian and he was so happy to hear that. it was great, he was telling us a bunch of stories and stuff. when i am on this mission i think of you all the time dad and how you were doing the same thing as i am right now only like 20 years ago…its pretty crazy but its the best. we met our goal as a zone for 30 baptisms so today for pday we went to tikal, the giant mayan ruins guat is known for. it was nuts…so incredible. i think its zarahemla but who knows for sure…ha, ha. i will send some pics. the spanish is coming along fine but still needs lots of work. listening is the hardest part for me and its hard to keep up with what the people are saying and there are a bunch of different accents too. it is coming along though and every week it gets better. i love you guys and miss you…just know all is good with me in guat.
elder call

Hugo our new fetcha
Tikal fun fact: right here is where George Lucas filled the millenniam falcon landing in the movie with the ewaks

the main temple at Tikal

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