Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hey team (week 34)

It’s just the best reading your letters as always guys loved hearing from you. Ben what a drag! Man that’s the worst. Ankle injuries are just the worst and I mean that. Man I’m right with you mom and dad. I love just randomly driving into san fran and doing something fun. It is just the best. I’m serious when I say that because there are very few things I would rather do then go into sf and explore and eat at a little hole in the wall place. Where we live is the absolute best.
Man this week was another tough week as far as the work goes. Again we were just working our butts off walking from place to place trying to teach our investigators. We tried to teach that pilas family that has a fecha but every time we went they had an excuse and had to leave. Including this Sunday they didn’t go to church. So they no longer have a fecha for the 28 of this month but hopefully we can put another one in the future. As far as that family we have a noche de hogar tonight with them and another family in the branch. We had the member invite the investigators and everything. We are going to watch a video called together forever and hopefully they will be more interested. I just hope that they can go and don’t bail at the last minute. We have planned the heck out of this family night and if all leaves well our investigators will have a family they can always talk to in the branch. We also put another fecha this week with a kid named Louis. He is 18 and he is pilas but again he has a long way to go to baptism and we are just praying so hard that he will do his homework. Pray attend church and read the ldm. When people told me that it is hard to be a missionary it’s true. Like elliot told me it’s not hard to be a missionary but to be a faithful obedient disciple of Christ is. Man it’s so sad I just want everyone to have the same blessing that I have. It is the worst and I want to cry when people don’t do their part to know if what we are saying is true. It’s like I said last week they just kinda do everything half butt here. It’s just the culture. Just freakin read 1 chapter in the bom and pray. What is that like 15 mins of your time so that you know that you can be together with your family forever know your purpose in life what you need to do and how to be happy. You can have the power of god in your house. Use the atonement of Christ to receive forgiveness for your sins. Like is so funny sometimes when I think about this to myself. I get so upset when people don’t do their part in investigating our message. Like when in life would I ever be upset about that haha. It’s the truth though I just want my investigators to have my same blessings. I just want them to be happy and when they don’t do their part then that’s why it’s hard to be a missionary and to see that happen. Yup haha but there is my little rant. I love the people here so much and they are just the best. Being a missionary really is just the best and I wouldn’t trade this time for anything. oh quick story I was chopping weeds for service Thursday. Friday I noticed a rash and it has grown every day since then. It’s taking over my body. Little blisters of pus that itch soooo freakin bad haha. It’s terrible. Ya but other than that I am doing awesome. The church is true ldm is true and I love all you guys. I give thanks every day that you are my family and friends. Love you all and have a good week.
elder call

my zone at zone conference and my pres and his wife on the far left

some beautiful trail we walk everyday. its sooooo freakin beautiful here just lush green mountains

my rash just a little bit on my arm

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