Thursday, September 5, 2013

this keyboard is the worst haha (week 33)

Hey family I can’t believe that the kids are starting school again. That’s really starting to freak me out. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by and it is literally freaking me out. That whole pet crab dilemma is soo funny! I’m dying laughing right now haha. Good to hear that all is well except for the senior kid that died…man that’s sad. I have an idea; maybe you should send the missionaries over to help his family.
As for my week it was tough again. We tried to teach this pilas family every day this week but we couldn’t ever find them. We put citas with them every day of the week because they weren’t ever home. After they were not home we walked to another pilas family on the other side of our area that is like 30 mins away walking as fast as we can. Ya we did that 5 times this week and didn’t teach either of them. It was a waste of time and frustrating until last night when the family was freaking home. We taught a killer lesson and put a baptism date with them for the 28 this month. Man I’m sooooooooo excited all of that work this week paid off. The lord blessed us and freak we really needed his help! The lesson was incredible and soooo spiritual. We talked about the lord’s sacrifice for us. How he died for us and made it possible to be saved but now we need to do our part. We read some scriptures in Alma 7 and the spirit was so strong as we taught them that Jesus did his part and now is waiting for you. They accepted our invitation and it was dope. They still haven’t come to church but we really believe they will make it soon. Another one of our investigators name is Luis. He is 18 and has been to church 3 times. He could get baptized but we have barely taught him because he is sooo busy. We are trying really hard to teach him but he only has a little bit of time each day and we have to teach him in the internet café which doesn’t really work…wayyy too many distractions. So we are going to teach him in the church so he can actually listen and feel the spirit. He is another one of our really good possibilities. We will see what happens. Just always keep my investigators in your prayers. Oh this week we did service also. We had to pull trees. Like they would chop down these huge trees and we had to pull them to the side with a rope so they didn’t land on houses. Well that was fun. One landed on a house. I almost died also... it was dope. I was filming a tree falling down and it almost fell on me. I can’t send the video but I can’t wait to show you when I get back. It’s so funny. I literally almost got smashed by a tree. Everyone was dying laughing. Guat is sooo funny…when the tree landed on the house the people weren’t even concerned…it was like nothing happened. They do everything half butt here for lack of a better term. They build a big nice house then just put aluminum on top. They are like, oh well the house is good so let’s just do the roof as easy as we can. Classic Guat and I wish you guys could see the stuff I get to see every day. Dad probably understands a little bit about what I am talking about haha. Dad, a kid in my district is from the San Blas islands by the way… kinda cool. Yup but all is well and thanks sooo much for everything!
Love, Elder Call

some kid tying a rope to the tree so we can pull it

tree that fell on the house

my district after our service project

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